Submission Guidelines

You can officially lower that .45 from your temple, jump in the air, and clack your feet together in a display of pure unadulterated joy, because all your sexiest dreams have just come true. We (I) are (am) back open for submissions.

The dirty low down:

I'm looking for stories 800 words or less consisting of dark humor, weird tales, bizarro and everything in between, told in any genre (except erotica) with an emphasis on clever, original prose.

There is no restriction on content, thought while I don't mind cussing, an excess of f-bombs just for the sake of f-bombs is likely to annoy me and result in a rejection...or I'll accept it and change all the 'fucks' to the word 'rainbow.'

Formatting: Single spaced, no indents, a space between paragraphs, 12 pt. times new roman. Or whatever really.

Send submissions to: threeminuteplastic (at) hotmail (dot) com as an .rtf file. Put the word Submission in the subject line and leave a short bio written in 3rd person after your story.

By submitting, you grant Three Minute Plastic non-exclusive rights to publish and archive your work.

Reprints welcome. No Poetry.

Response time: I usually respond within a day or so. If it's been longer than that you're most likely on the short list. Feel free to query after 30 days.

Payment: The warm, fuzzy feeling of a job well done.

Update!!!!! Best story of each issue will now receive payment of 5

Also, as well as the warm, fuzzy feeling, and the possible 5 dollars, if your work is accepted, you'll have the option to have the cover of your book or anthology posted on the bookshelf page with a link to purchase. Attach a .jpeg of your cover and the link along with your submission.